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Rumor Roundup for Thursday, August 22

Interesting rumors regarding the Battleground pay per view, main event for next week's Raw announced, a former superstar promises to return, and more!


kings-sharks preview 1 fans opinon

Hi guys, long time reader first time poster I think the kings have a very good chance of upseting the sharks one they have better top guys kopitar is better than Thorton, two they have a beter...

Howard Stern's Tiger Woods mistress pageant


Since Artie Lange took a leave of absence from The Howard Stern Show, Howard has been better than ever. And the latest is a doozy. He's been talking about this for weeks, and finally the Tiger...

Hoping Artie Lange returns safe and soon


For those of us who are fans of sports and Howard Stern, the addition of Artie Lange to the show several years ago brought the perfect sports-fan voice to the show. He was loud, he was opinionated,...

An NBA All-Star spelling bee?


Artie Lange, from the Howard Stern show and author of Too Fat to Fish, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Lange is a big sports fan and gambles on games a lot. Kimmel asked Lange if he was...

Baba Booey: In running for Worst Pitch Ever


Gary Dell'Abate (Baba Booey) from the "Howard Stern Show" threw out the first pitch at Saturday's Pirates-Mets game. He was there to raise awareness for autism, but all he did was raise awareness...

Sehorn ex: Jason got no sex


Media personality Whitney Casey, formerly Mrs. Jason Sehorn, was on the Howard Stern Show yesterday to promote some new book called "The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild ...Not Away." While it's intended...

Former WWE performer Chyna stars in Royal Rumble inspired porn movie


The sad train wreck that has been Chyna's life over the past decade plus continues to hurtle on. As TMZ reports, her next video nasty, set to be called Ring Queen or Queen Of The Ring, has a Royal...

One Night with Chyna? WWE says no, thanks


Joanie Laurer, better known as Chyna, says she recently reached out to Vince McMahon about potentially doing business with WWE again. His reply? No, thanks.

Jamie Jungers is Your Ms. Tiger Mistress


Howard Stern had his pageant today to declare the best Tiger mistress. He wound up having three contestants: Jamie Jungers, Jaimee Grubbs, and Loredana Jolie. The five judges voted for either of...

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