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Bo Pelini: A Coach and His Cat

The running gag about Nebraska's head coach and a cat went to epic levels when Pelini and a cat led the Huskers onto the field for the Spring Game. It lightens up a tarnished public image for a coach beloved by his players.

Sexiness vs. Deadliness 5: UFC 170

BE's striking specialist Connor Ruebusch picks fights against his girlfriend, pitting his analytical skills against her taste in men. It's sexiness vs. deadliness, in the ultimate test to determine the best fight-predicting criterion.

Vanek Negotiation: Isles gift winger a Greek diner

(humor) As an incentive to entice the high-scoring unrestricted free agent winger to stay with the club, the New York Islanders gave Thomas Vanek his own diner.

Alien Interference - Nebraska Loses to Wyoming?

Cobby outlines the worst possible outcome to today's Nebraska - Wyoming game. Could it happen? Yes, if you believe in worst possible scenarios. And it doesn't get much worse than this.

This Just In: Week 23 Edition

Who can keep up with all the real, factual news out there? Sit back and enjoy some stories that are entirely, 100% made-up.

A Lil' Apocalypse

When science goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Why Is Kate Upton At UNL?

In what appears to be a walk-on coup, Kate Upton was spotted on the UNL campus today. Her stunning good looks and charming wit stole the show. Oh, and there was a reason besides me that she was in...

Know Your Indies: Wrestling Is Art

Independent wrestling is a wide and wonderful scene. Here's the first in a series to help you get a handle on the individual promotions. The first is Colt Cabana's Massachusetts-based baby.

Hockey Team Banned From Playoffs For Video

Tappan Zee High School hockey players get unfair punishment for racy 'Harlem Shake' video

Gymnastics Teams do the Harlem Shake

It seems every sports team is getting in on the latest dance video craze

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