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Matthew Mitcham fails to make Diving World Cup Finals. David Boudia 5th into finals.


Defending Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham failed to make the 12-man final at the FINA Diving World Cup on Saturday, finishing 13th in the semifinals. He had finished fourth in the preliminary...

Baseball at the All-Star break: Time to get serious!


Buster Posey The Major League Baseball All-Stars have been announced so that means if you wear Yankee pinstripes then you are going to the...

Raheem Brock calls Jay Cutler a 'sissy'


The latest round of criticism against Jay Cutler disgusts me. The Bears QB sprained his MCL during the NFC Championship game and doctors told him not to return. Now assholes like Deion Sanders and...

NFL will suspend players for injuring others


The NFL has announced it will begin suspending players who perform illegal hits on other players, particularly those involving defenseless players and helmet-to-helmet contact. It couldn't have...

Injured Gay Games athlete still recovering


His dreams of Gay Games gold came crashing to a nightmarish end about an hour after they started, in the first of seven events that Hector Torres registered to compete while in Cologne, Germany. On...

Injuries bounce Nadal, Safina. Roddick upset.


Has injury ever knocked two top-2 seeds from a Grand Slam tournament? I certainly can't remember another instance. But that's the case this year, with the 2-seeds from both the men's and women's...

Injured? Have placenta rubbed on your leg.


Warning: The visions this story conjurs up aren't safe for work. Or home. Injured Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie is going to try an unorthodox treatment for his injured ankle. He's flying to the...

Landon Donovan has swine flu


After losing 2-1 in a World Cup qualifying match in Mexico, American soccer star Landon Donovan has confirmed he contracted swine flu (now known as H1N1) while there. Now this piece of brilliance...

Quick hits: U.S. Open, Favre, Nadal, L.A.


The U.S. Open is off to a rainy start and will tee off on Friday; Thursday is a wash. Today's tea leaves: Favre will play as Vikings say his future is up to him. Nadal in serious doubt for...

More proof hockey players are manly men


In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh Penguins' seventh-game Stanley Cup victory at Detroit, Red Wings star Nicklas Lidstrom revealed the reason he missed the final two games of the Western Conference...

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