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Moment #8: John Rocker spews homophobia to 'Sports Illustrated'


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Baseball, 1999. When Jeff Pearlman was assigned by Sports Illustrated in 1999 to write a story about Atlanta...

SI columnist rips swimsuit issue


Finally, a straight man who's creeped out by Sports Illustrated's all-girl swimsuit issue. I say all-girl and not all-woman because that's Jeff Pearlman's major beef with the sexy photo spread: N...

Groundhog Day for Hall of Fame Hypocrisy


Mike Piazza might be kept out of the Hall of Fame because some baseball writers suspect he used PEDs--the same writers who had plenty of chances to denounce the Steroid Era when it happened.

Jeff Pearlman Strikes Out


This is a guest post of mine written for a friend's blog.

C.C. Brown - 90th worst all-time?

90. C.C. Brown; safety; Texans, Giants, Lions; 2005-present: As the joke goes, C.C. stands for "Can't Cover." Some players manage to find work no matter how poorly they play. Here's Exhibit A. C.C., care to give us your thoughts on Jeff Pearlman including you on this list? "You never know what you're going to get with that guy," Brown said on Tuesday. "You never know if he's going to come in and write bad columns. You don't know if he's just going to have one of them Joe Posnanski columns where he lights you up."

Jayson Werth: Not So Fabulous


The great Jeff Pearlman also has a long-standing history of speaking out against the whirlwind of dickishness that is Jayson Werth. In fact, his lede in this piece is "If you’ve read this blog before, you know Jayson Werth is one of my least-favorite professional athletes. He’s one of those guys who, for some odd reason, thinks that holding an ill-fitting leather glove and wearing red-and-white pajamas to work gives him the right to crap on people" and goes from there.

Jason Bay = Kevin McReynolds? We Should Be So Lucky


Is Jason Bay the next Kevin McReynolds?

Jeff Pearlman Vs. Mark McGwire


Jeff Pearlman's outrage over Mark McGwire being named Cardinals hitting coach is ridiculous.

TST Book Review: Boys Will Be Boys


A book review of Boys Will Be Boys by Jeff Pearlman.

BTB book review: Boys Will Be Boys


Over a year ago, when author Jeff Pearlman sent me a note about his newest book project, Boys Will Be Boys, I wondered how it would play in the land of Cowboys. Pearlman was...

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