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Jimmy Clausen soaks in the Draft


Former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was in Palm Springs for the NFL Draft. And according to this picture, he wasn't too upset to not be at Radio City Music Hall. Too bad he's lost the Speedos for...

Jon Gruden Calls Colt McCoy 215 Pounds Of Tungsten Potassium Nitrate


I like extremely enthusiastic people, even when they're occasionally full of shit, which explains my fondness for Ted Nugent, Gus Johnson, a bulldog riding a skateboard, and Jon Gruden. Gruden is...

Colt McCoy: Smarter Than An Apostle, Dumber Than An Okie


The Wonderlic scores have been leaked and when something like this happens, I pretty much always blame the British and Germans. Yes, the Zimmerman Telegram still burns in my memory. I suppose...

What Do You Know… Newton Can Play Football


This story looks at Cam Newton's performance in this weekend's scrimmage at Charlotte. The first year Panther's quarterback dazzled the crowd and showed why he's the league's top pick.

ESPN's New QB Evaluation Tool


No surprise JC's 2010 season didn't rate well, but yikes. Here's hoping for a better 2011 (from some Panther QB)!

They Could Have Been Great: Sizing Up the Notre Dame Class of 2007


The 2007 class wasn’t supposed to be in the discussion as the "worst ever" to attend Notre Dame. Coming off two straight BCS bowl games in the first two years of Charlie Weis’ tenure, no one could...

Outside the Irish Huddle: Stanford Has Their Way With Notre Dame


There are two facts that we now need to face. One, the game against Stanford was not close. Two, this season has not gone the way many thought it would. The debate now turns to whether this is the...

The Early Season Dayne Crist Report Card


It’s been a wild first two games for Notre Dame’s new starting quarterback in Dayne Crist and yesterday’s loss to Michigan was full of incredible highs and heart breaking lows. Before the season...

The week in news- Responsible Pete, Recruiting Networks and The Top 25 ND Players


Welcome to another edition of the week in news. These are the college football stories that I found the most interesting this week. ESPN will expand College Football Game Day to three hours this...

The week in news- Rules, Investigations and Gruden Smacks Clausen


I’m a day late in getting to the college football stories I found the most interesting this week. I spent the bulk of this week flying back and forth across the country to the West Coast where I...

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