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NFL Playoffs: Say bye-bye to the Packers, Saints, Texans and Tebows/Broncos


Hot player of the week The conference title games look even; Packers fall apart; Ravens get lucky; Tebow still stinks; Alex Smith shines;...

Joe Flacco of the Ravens has the NFL's ugliest mustache


NFL.com photo My friend Brent had the best reaction to that growth sprouting from the face of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, on...

NFL Week 9: Giants do it again to the Patriots


Eli rallies New York again; the Ravens stun the Steelers late; can anybody beat the Packers?; Arizona bromance; Colts lead the Suck for Luck derby, plus hot player of the week. Deja vu all over...

Joe Flacco takes Polar Bear Plunge


Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Joe Flacco was among 11,000 people who plunged into the icy Chesapeake Bay this weekend to raise $2 million for charity in the Polar Bear Plunge. Alas, he wussed...

If We Knew Then What We Know Now


We take a look back at the 2008 NFL Draft and ask ourselves. . ."What If?"

Who Powered Through? Derrick Mason


Over 14 NFL seasons, 36 year old Baltimore Ravens WR Derrick Mason has "powered through" for well over 900 receptions in his career, including 53 so far in 2010.

Pitt Adds University Of Delaware To Schedule In 2014


Pitt lost NFL QB Joe Flacco to Delaware so it's only fitting there's some payback lined up. Okay, so they had a pretty good QB in front of him in Tyler Palko, but the whole retribution thing sounds...

Cameramen at M&T Bank Stadium to Be Outfitted With Cups


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵After we get him an ice pack, let's give a big hand to this cameraman for the dedication to his craft. Sure, there's a chance that one of the receivers in the endzone will deflect...

An Interview With a Future Millionaire


We cornered Delaware QB Joe Flacco at the EA Madden event for a novel experience for a likely first round draft pick in the NFL: an interview! He certainly hasn’t had enough of those yet, but we...

Check out the new fantasy files spot w/ joe flacco!


Check out the new fantasy files spot w/ joe flacco!

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