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Boston coach Doc Rivers would support a gay NBA player, and so would the Celtics


Boston Spirit magazine sat down with Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers to talk about gay issues on the Celtics and in the NBA. Rivers opened up about the state of the NBA on this issue, why he...

Interview: Former NBA baller Doug Christie and wife Jackie love gays, support gay marriage


Jackie and Doug Christie at gay club Eleven Doug Christie married his wife, Jackie Christie, 17 years ago. Every year they have celebrated...

Football Association launches anti-homophobia campaign as Amaechi, critics blast them


The Football Association in England has launched a new campaign to end homophobia in soccer. The program, called 'Opening Doors and Joining In,' is aimed at making football more inclusive of both...

John Amaechi gives fantastic speech about words of love to DiversityInc


John Amaechi gave a fantastic speech at the DiversityInc 2011 Special Awards earlier this month. His speech was about the power of words. But instead of focusing on the negative words like...

John Amaechi receives Officer of the British Empire Medal


John Amaechi received his Officer of the British Empire Medal from the Prince of Wales on Wednesday, a high honor for the only openly gay former NBA player. While I sometimes personally think...

Moment #15: Former NBA player John Amaechi comes out


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Basketball 2007: Amaechi played for two of his five NBA seasons for the Utah Jazz for an owner who, after Amaechi...

John Amaechi awarded Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth


Out former NBA player John Amaechi was awarded the Order of the British Empire by the Queen in her Birthday Honours List. It's a big deal in Britain, handed out to a select few individuals for...

John Amaechi responds to CJ Leslie's anti-gay tweets


NC State basketball star CJ Leslie tweeted last night that he wouldn't want gay people in his locker room, and that John Amaechi is "to [sic] big to be gay." We reached out to Amaechi, who was also...

The Mirror distorts reality with 'Price gay sports stars paid for coming out'


British tabloid The Mirror published in January a short piece today on the "Price gay sports stars paid for coming out." It's a bizarre choice, given that I haven't heard a negative coming-out...

John Amaechi alleges racism at gay bar


John Amaechi claims that a gay bar in Manchester refused to admit him because he is black. Amaechi went to the bar Crunch Friday night and was allegedly prevented from going in while other members...

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