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John Fashanu claims brother Justin Fashanu was not gay

John Fashanu, brother of the late Justin Fashanu (right), claims his brother was not gay and "came out" simply to get attention. John, himself a former professional footballer, said last week: My...

Openly gay powerlifter Chris Morgan wins British deadlift title

Chris "Chunky" Morgan, an openly gay powerlifter and Gay Games ambassador, won his seventh British championship this month at the British Deadlift Championships. Competing at a body weight of 180...

BBC explores lack of openly gay athletes in British soccer

Amal Fashanu, niece of Justin Fashanu, the only professional British soccer player ever to come out of the closet, has worked with filmmakers to put together a documentary exploring why no gay...

Moment #23: Justin Fashanu, openly gay soccer player, commits suicide

Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Soccer, 1998: Fashanu's death 13 years later still reverberates in the soccer world. His name is brought up an...

Remembering gay sports pioneer, the late Justin Fashanu, on his 50th birthday

Justin Fashanu was the first and still only English pro soccer player to come out. He had a very troubled career and life and committed suicide in 1998. Writer Keph Senett wrote about a ceremony...

The Mirror distorts reality with 'Price gay sports stars paid for coming out'

British tabloid The Mirror published in January a short piece today on the "Price gay sports stars paid for coming out." It's a bizarre choice, given that I haven't heard a negative coming-out...

Soccer team named for gay player

Few people in America know that Justin Fashanu was the first openly gay professional soccer player, playing for various British clubs and becoming Britain's first £1 million soccer player. He...

Can North America Teach Europe on Anti-Homophobia?

While North America's soccer scene has made great strides in equality in 2012, Europe seems to consistently lack behind. Is 2013 the year that MLS's progress is strong enough for the other side of the Pond to resist?

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