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Brandon McCarthy, Oakland A's pitcher, against gay Kiss Cam 'jokes'


Oakland A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy tweeted that he's tired of Kiss Cams focusing on two guys kissing. At first blush, it might look like Brandon McCarthy is homophobic; In reality, he's tired of...

Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy share French kiss on the soccer field


When he scored a goal against Germany in an international friendly on Wednesday, Frenchman Olivier Giroud grabbed teammate Mathieu Debuchy and thanked him for the assist with a big, wet kiss on the...

Moment #84: Lesbian couple ejected from Dodgers Stadium for kissing creates 'gay days'


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Baseball, 2000. When Danielle Goldey and Meredith Kott went to the Los Angeles Dodgers game on Aug. 8, 2000, they...

First NHL goal, first NHL kiss


I found this on the Yahoo! Sports blog Puck Daddy. After scoring his first NHL goal (in a 5-1 Washington win over the New Jersey Devils) tonight, Capitals rookie Andrew Gordon skated over to the...

Study: Straight men kissing more often


Eric "Coach Gumby" Anderson, the cross-country-coach-turned-sociologist, recently released a fascinating study showing that homophobia among British teenage boys has become so mellow in many areas...

Podcast: Gays on kiss cams


With the refusal by the St. Louis Cardinals to show a gay couple on their kiss cam, a debate has again started about whether gay kisses should be allowed on kiss cams at all. We talk about why...

Cardinals take gay money, won't show us kiss


An estimated 200 people attended the OUT at the Ballpark event at the St. Louis Cardinals game on Saturday. Some had requested the Cardinals feature two same-sex members of their group on the "Kiss...

Gay St. Louis fans upset over 'kiss cam'


Some gay fans are upset over the use of a 'kiss cam' at the Rams' game against the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday. Now they are hoping to use this Saturday's "Out at the Ballpark" with the St....

Bateman and Hoffman on NBA 'Kiss-Cam'


If you've been to a pro basketball game, you know the "kiss cam" is a popular feature. It's rare, and in some places forbidden, that you'll see the cam focus on a gay or lesbian couple. Even at...

Man chases down shirtless Nadal


Rafael Nadal took a big step toward a career Grand Slam, beating Gael Monfils in four sets to reach the U.S. Open quarterfinals. But it was a male fan who took a big step toward Nadal. Shirtless...

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