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Is the 'lax bro' culture keeping gays out of lacrosse?


Josh Acut of LaxAllStars.com dove headfirst this week into the question of gay athletes in lacrosse. He related an eye-opening story about talking to a group of college students about lacrosse's...

Andrew Goldstein, America's first out pro athlete

The former Major League Lacrosse goalie says coming out simply isn't enough anymore

Bowdoin College has out lacrosse captain, first publicly out NCAA varsity men's head coach


We're proud to bring you today the stories of two men at liberal arts college Bowdoin College. Lacrosse captain Ben Chadwick has been out on his team for over two years; Men's head tennis coach...

Two athletes included in Out 100


Athletes have returned to the Out 100 this year. Figure skating phenom Johnny Weir graces the pages with quite possibly his most feminine photo yet (if that's possible) as Out's "Diva of the year."...

Andrew McIntosh featured in New York Times


Andrew McIntosh (New York Times photo) Today's New York Times profiles Andrew McIntosh, the lacrosse player at Oneonta University in New...

Andrew McIntosh wins equality award


Oneonta State lacrosse captain Andrew McIntosh, who chronicled his coming out in a story on Outsports.com earlier this year, was presented by his college with a prestigious award this week. With...

Positive reaction to gay lacrosse player


Andrew McIntosh Andrew McIntosh, captain of the Oneonta University lacrosse team in New York state, wrote about his coming out process in a...

College lacrosse captain comes out as gay


Out lax captain Andrew McIntosh When Oneonta State University lacrosse player Andrew McIntosh contacted Outsports a couple weeks ago, it was...

Quick hits: Nuggets, Penguins, lacrosse, Plax


Denver Nuggets get win in L.A., still wrestling with the Iron Sheik. UConn and South Florida beat a five-hour rain delay with a dance-off. Will straight white guys dance to anything but Soulja...

Lacrosse: 'Let's go kill those faggots!'


Brent, who has taken photos for Outsports for years, was at UCLA Friday to shoot the Rafer Johnson / Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational track meet. On the way back to his car he came across some U...

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