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Two anti-gay OKC Thunder owners still don't have a title


Dwyane Wade and LeBron James celebrate (Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE) LeBron James won his first NBA title as the Miami Heat rolled the...

Dallas Mavericks win NBA title; LeBron still without a championship ring


The verdict is in on "The Decision": TKO, Dallas in six. The Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA championship, beating the Miami Heat, 105-95, in Game 6 of the Finals. But outside of Dallas, all...

Miami Heat playing with heart, backing up their flashy move


If you saw overtime of the Bulls-Heat game last night, I'm wondering if you saw what I saw: Big trouble for the rest of the NBA. Last summer LeBron James talked about winning five...six...seven...

Celtics and Lakers down, did LeBron's "decision" signal changing of the guard?


The top two NBA franchises for several years have been the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Now both teams are down, 0-2. While the Celtics had won their first three games against the...

The Miami Heat are...Burlesque


Burlesque is the Miami Heat of 2010-11: Three stars brought together to bring home a championship for a very specific audience, but ultimately disappointing despite moments of individual brilliance...

LeBron James chooses the Miami Heat


Good for LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. We watch owners, leagues, coaches and general managers maintain so much control over the careers of athletes, it's nice to see a bunch of guys get...

LeBron James is a cocksucker, says Deadspin


This is what greeted readers today on Deadspin.You can thank Deadspin contributor Drew Magary for this sophomoric comment. Magary has said he's OK with gay people, but that "Jimmy Clausen eats...

NBA changes the sport of basketball


Remember in elementary school when you learned that you have to dribble a basketball to run with it? Well the NBA has changed all that. This season they are allowing players to take two full steps...

LeBron follows in Shaq's footsteps. Be afraid.


Variety reports that Cleveland Cavalier (and probably future New York Knick) LeBron James is taking a shot at movie stardom. The good news: he's playing himself in "Fantasy Basketball Camp," a...

A-Rod sees six pitches, earns 100 grand


As you sit in your cubicle today toiling for the man, consider this: Every time A-Rod (photo) sees six pitches, he makes $100,000. For the average American, it takes four years. Tiger Woods? He...

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