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10 Greek Gods from the 2012 London Olympics


James Magnussen, swimming Like most, I watched the Summer Olympics on TV from the comfort of my couch. Here in Canada, CTV was the official...

Over 100 out LGBT athletes have competed in the Summer Olympics


Johan Kenkhuis of the Netherlands Check out our complete Olympics coverage on our Olympics blog. There are at least 104 publicly out LGBT...

Gay Dressage rider Edward Gal going up against Ann Romney's horse


We have a great preview of the most-anticipated match-up in the equestrian Olympics event, written by Patricia Nell Warren. Patricia will be blogging for us throughout the Olympics...and she knows...

Did Olympians really crash Grindr in London?


Call me a little dubious, but I find the whole “Olympians crash Grindr” story to be unlikely at best. In case you missed it, gay hook-up application Grindr claims its servers were overloaded and...

An Olympic ban of countries with anti-gay laws is a bad idea


While some LGBT activists are calling for the International Olympic Committee to ban countries that discriminate against its citizens based on sexual orientation, don't count me among them. An...

Out 2012 Olympians

Only three out of 23 openly LGBT athletes in London are men.

Josh Dixon looking for big performance on Day Two of U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials


Out gay gymnast Josh Dixon finished 13th overall on Day One of competition at the U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials, hurting his chances of being named to the Olympic team. He recorded low scores in...

Should Olympic athletes be able to self-declare their gender?


The International Olympic Committee has had a transgender policy in place for almost a decade. That policy opens the door for participation by trans people if they meet requirements including...

WNBA star Seimone Augustus is an out lesbian


The Advocate has a great piece on out lesbian Minnesota Lynx star Seimone Augustus, who will be part of Team USA basketball this summer in London. What makes Michelle Garcia's article so great is...

Gay gymnast Josh Dixon gets lots of attention, but he's focused on the Olympics


Our story earlier this week about Olympic gymnastics hopeful Josh Dixon got lots of attention, but he told the San Jose Mercury News that's not why he came out publicly. Headed into the national...

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