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America East Announces 'You Can Play' Partnership

First Division 1 Conference to commit to the group's work

Steve Buckley, James Nutter and the incredible domino effect of coming out


James Nutter Last week we brought you the story of James Nutter, a former college baseball player in Maine who was driven toward a suicide...

The desperate consequence of casual words

Locker room language drove closeted baseball player James Nutter to embark on a suicide attempt. Now he wants to help gay athletes find their way out of the closet.

Clark University soccer player with two moms appears in Maine marriage ad


Clark University soccer player Brian Arsenault appears in a new ad supporting same-sex marriage in Maine. Voters will decide the future of same-sex marriage in the state next Tuesday. Arsenault, a...

Trans sports reporter Emerson Whitney covers rural Maine for weekly newspaper


This is the second story in as many weeks we have of out people finding acceptance in sports in rural Maine. This story comes from popular Bar Harbor, a town of 5,000 people, where transgender...

Bowdoin College has out lacrosse captain, first publicly out NCAA varsity men's head coach


We're proud to bring you today the stories of two men at liberal arts college Bowdoin College. Lacrosse captain Ben Chadwick has been out on his team for over two years; Men's head tennis coach...

Anti-gay ads on Outsports; Help support Maine!


Some of you may have noticed anti-gay ads showing up on our blog in the last couple weeks. It seems the anti-gay-marriage folks in Maine bought network-wide ads with one of our affiliates. I've...

Help win the marriage fight in Maine!


We're less than two weeks out from the election, so I wanted to give a quick update on the marriage fight in Maine. Depending on the poll you look at, it's likely a dead heat right now. The No On 1...

Help Maine protect marriage equality!


Remember how you felt when Prop 8 passed? Whether you were in California or New York or North Dakota or anywhere else, chances are you were not happy about it. The fight this year is in Maine, and...

Maine legalizes gay marriage


While we stick almost exclusively to sports on this site, we have stepped away from that from time to time to cover gay-marriage news. The latest is great news out of Maine, as the State Senate...

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