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Report: Rousey likely focus of UFC uniform deal


It sounds like, as the UFC's quest for a fighter uniform continues, that a deal may be built around current champion Ronda Rousey, and her status as the UFC's most marketable fighter.


A Little Bit More 'Bout iBeacon

Greetings! With the recent post on iBeacon's implementation in MLB parks, I wanted to chime in with a little more information regarding how the technology behind the magic works, what it's for,...

adidas #mygirls advert - with lots of British cyclists


It's rare that I like an advert a lot, but the adidas #mygirls campaign really speaks to me. It's a message of girls and women working hard at tough sports that they love, having a great time with their friends. Plus is features a load of young British cycling girls - the filmette above is about Hannah Walker of Matrix Fitness Racing Academy, with riders like Penny Rowson and Eli Thorogood of the Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team. Here's the full advert - and check out the cycling pages of the #mygirls site

Eric Decker hot and shirtless in new video for Proactiv skin care


If you've noticed the complexion of Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker clearing up, it's not by accident. Peyton Manning's second favorite target this season appears in a new ad for the acne...

Neil Patrick Harris & CBS slammed by Christians for mimicking Tim Tebow in Super Bowl ad


Neil Patrick Harris and CBS are being slammed by some Christians for the openly gay actor's apparent nod to New York Jets "quarterback" Tim Tebow in a recent Super Bowl ad. In the commercial, NPH...

Was MSG 'real men' ad aimed at Spider-man or gay Broadway dancers?


MSG Network ad has angered some folks MSG Network built a tongue-in-cheek billboard campaign for their New York Knicks broadcasts this...

Eli and Peyton Manning are a couple of fairies


I've gotta admit, I don't quite get DirecTV's whole "fairy" campaign. First it was Deion Sanders with pretty wings. Now both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have satchels of pixie dust. And into...

Olympic runner Nick Symmonds has a "forbidden" tattoo


One of the more interesting and charismatic (and best-looking) Olympians is U.S. middle distance runner Nick Symmonds. If he's not having lunch with Paris Hilton, he's winning the 800 meters at the...

Floyd Mayweather reverses course, supports gay marriage


Boxer Floyd Mayweather does not like Manny Pacquiao. The two have sparred for years. So it's no surprise that Mayweather would take a shot at Manny Pacquiao's position against same-sex marriage, t...

Watch Toyota's gay-positive Super Bowl ad


I seldom watch Super Bowl commercials, since I watch every play of the game and use the breaks to get food, socialize or run to the bathroom. So I missed the ad for the Toyota Camry, but...

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