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Vancouver Canucks March in Pride Parade

Manny Malhotra, Jason Garrison and Vancouver Canucks march next to You Can Play

Rhode Island School of Design students love their Nads and Balls


I've long thought Stanford University had the best mascot. I mean, how can you beat a dancing tree -- sometimes palm, sometimes pine -- that's always high as a kite? Well, the Rhode Island School...

Christian wants Ohio State to drop the 'Buckeye' because the tree is bisexual


Editor's note: The letter referenced below was a hoax. And still quite funny. Jim Flechtner, a reader of the Findlay Courier in Ohio, was very upset to find out that the buckeye tree, the state...

Meet your 2014 Winter Olympics mascots


The 2014 Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics have unveiled their five mascots, and for once they don't immediately make you want to gag. We have Leopard, Polar Bear, Hare, Ray of Light and Snowflake....

Space aliens new Olympic mascots


Every two years the world cries in agony as the latest Olympic mascots are revealed. But these may take the cake. Wenlock and Mandeville are two...well, they're space aliens. Or Cyclopes. Or o...

Mascot carrying athlete runs into truck


Jamaica's Melaine Walker rides Berlino, the mascot at the World Track and Field Championships, after winning a gold in the 400 meter hurdles and oops! ...

Quick hits: Magic, Rockets, Phelps, Queers


Both the Magic and the Rockets force Game 7s against the defending conference champs. Phelps finishes 2nd in his first race back, proof that marijuana does impede motor skills. University of...

NCAA's strangest, funnest mascot and band


Yes, I am biased. I'll admit it. But for my money, the funnest mascot in the country is the Stanford Tree. While almost every other school has some mean, vicious mascot (Wildcat, Wolverine, Bear),...

NCAA tournament by the mascots


Striking fear in the hearts of opponents, it's a green Viking! One of the things I enjoy about the NCAA basketball tournament is the...

GB2C: Gotta love a mascot in a loin cloth


My partner and I are on a 14-day trip from New York back to Los Angeles. I’ll be posting here about the trip every couple days. Today ended four days and three nights in New Mexico, the most...

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