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Joe Paterno fired from Penn State, idiot students riot in response


It is fitting and appropriate that Joe Paterno was fired tonight by Penn State. The winning head football coach at one of the nation's proudest programs simply could not take the field with the...

Morning hits: UNC, Bruins, Quidditch, Millen


North Carolina Tar Heels going from the penthouse to the outhouse. Boston Bruins win first playoff series in 10 years by sweeping their Canadien rivals. Quidditch continues to grow, now being...

Detroit station disses Matt Millen on air


Former Detroit Lions general manager Matt Millen, fired after the franchise went 31-97 in his eight years, popped up on NBC as a guest analyst during the Super Bowl pregame show. The NBC affiliate...

Bad news for incompetent daddy-bear GM


Jay Glazer of FoxSports has reported that Matt Millen has finally lost the negatives of William Ford, Sr. at that donkey show in Tijuana. He's is out as GM of the Detroit Lions and Detroit fans...

Tracking Baylor – Week 3, The Futility of UHfan, etc.


I married a woman from the British Isles earlier this year. She’s half Irish, half British. She’s constantly at war with herself and most religions, which is nice. Anyway, I am off to Ireland with...

Matt Millen Would Love to Try MMA


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- The 47-year-old former football star Herschel Walker has received a lot of attention since winning his mixed martial arts debut on Saturday night. One former player who was...

AUDIO: Oakland Raiders Coaching Candidate Marty Mornhinweg Discussed By Matt Millen


Matt Millen discusses the prospect of Marty Mornhinweg being a head coach, and how good he was with the Detroit Lions.

Corn Flakes Is Wondering - Are Gopher Fans Insane?


Corn Nation brings you a bunch of links including a couple that give some good insight into what it means to be a Gophers fan.

VIDEO: "Millenball" Highlights Why Lions Sucked For So Long


Witness the true genius of Matt Millen in "Millenball," the art of losing an unfair game.

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