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Help GLSEN win $1 million to help LGBT youth!

GLSEN, whose Changing The Game program trains coaches and school administrators on how to handle LGBT issues on their teams and in their leagues, could win $1 million from the American Giving...

You Can Play Launches

Philadelphia Flyer scout Patrick Burke has unveiled a new non-profit organization created to lay out the welcome mat in sports for LGBT athletes. The “You Can Play" project focuses on producing...

Outsports Confirms Name of Patrick Burke's Charity

You Can Play is coming soon to a TV set and computer monitor near you

Moment #31: NBC plays along with Johnny Weir and his sexuality

Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Figure skating, 2006: Johnny Weir was one of the great characters of the 2006 Winter Olympics. He said whatever...

NHL Winter Classic: let's play two?

The NHL Winter Classic, thanks to successful outdoor games at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium in 2008 and  Chicago's Wrigley Field this year, is quickly becoming a New Year's Day tradition. Now the...

Good ratings news for NHL, NBC

Granted, the May sweeps ended and the summer television doldrums are upon us, so many network programs are in reruns. Plus, Saturday night has become a true dead zone for network television. Taking...

'Apprentice' has gay, sports hooks

If you're an Apprentice fan, you know that this season is a treasure trove of sports hasbeens stars. Not only is one of the great running backs of all time, Herschel Walker, a part of the show, but...

Will the Olympics ever air live in the USA?

There would be no Olympic Games without television. It's that simple. The sale of broadcast rights by the IOC to networks around the world represent by far the largest revenue stream available to...

U-S-A! U-S-A! dominating medal count

If you want to know why the TV ratings have been solid gold for NBC this year, look no further than the medal count. After the first week, the United States already has 20 medals. While the R...

NBC's Olympic ratings exceed expectations

American Idol anyone? How 'bout skiing, speed skating, and half pipe? NBC, which until Friday's Opening Ceremonies had been struggling in last place among the networks, had as good a night...

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