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Who are the hotties of March Madness?


Next week we'll highlight some of the players to watch this March Madness in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. And we'd like your help finding them! With so many small schools making their way...

Connecticut beats Butler in stupdendously awful NCAA men's basketball final


Connecticut beat Butler, 53-41, in an NCAA tournament final that set men's college basketball back 60 years. It figures that a game pitting the Bulldogs against the Huskies turned out to be a dog. T...

2 people out of 5,900,000 correctly pick men's Final Four in ESPN pool


VCU coach Shaka Smart Only two people out of 5.9 million people in ESPN'S NCAA men's basketball pool correctly picked the Final Four:...

There is crying in basketball


We hear it every time this year. Waaaaah. Waaaaaaaaaaaah. All the way from Bristol, Conn., the rest of the country can hear Dick Vitale and countless other commentators whining because so-and-so...

Play the Outsports NCAA pool


Outsports has set up a pool for the NCAA men's college basketball tournament. Fill out your bracket and see how you do against other Outsports readers. We are using CBS Sportsline this season. For...

NCAA's plan for 68 teams


The NCAA has unveiled its 68-team tournament plan. It entails four "play-in" games, but not the way you might expect. Instead of teams ranked 61-68 playing for those coveted 16-seeds, two of the...

Last chance: Play Outsports NCAA pool


Once again we will host an NCAA men's basketball tournament pool. The field of 65 is set, with Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Syracuse the four No. 1 seeds. You can sign up any time prior to the start...

NCAA men: It's Carolina and Michigan State


The Final Four is down to the Final Two, after North Carolina thumped Villanova and Michigan State surprised No. 1 seed Connecticut in the NCAA's men's basketball tournament. I can only hope the...

Thoughts from NCAA Round 1


"Weak" Pac-10? As there is every year, lots of talk centered on how "weak" the Pac-10 was this year, and how they didn't deserve six spots. Even President Obama got in on the mix, saying how weak...

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