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Jonathan Vilma bans Outsports from Twitter account, sues Roger Goodell


Jonathan Vilma isn't a nice guy. Recently he tweeted a couple items that some perceived to be homophobic messages; His response was to lash out at anyone who questioned him. When he was implicated...

Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita both suspended for NFL bounty scandal


New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has been suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season for setting bounties on opposing players. Vilma allegedly put $10,000 cash on a table and offered it...

Gregg Williams, coach in "bounty" scandal, regularly used gay slurs, Washington Post columnist says


Gregg Williams, photo by Derick E. Hingle / US PRESSWIRE Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the man at the...

Jonathan Vilma, accused of bounty on Brett Favre, tweets 'yuck' about man crush


I'm so glad the New Orleans Saints are being ripped apart for putting bounties on the heads of their opponents. And I'm glad for two reasons. First, the act is the most despicable in all of...

NFL divisional playoff picks: One underdog will win


I had a friend in town last weekend, so for the first time ever I did not watch any playoff games live. Hence, there was no recap. Outside of the Broncos-Steelers thriller, though, I didn't miss a...

Jonathan Vilma, Vonta Leach say men 'should not hav female tendencies'


New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma caught some fire on Wednesday night when he Tweeted about how grown men should behave, and many say he's making a comment on sexual orientation. If he...

Reggie Bush: No to "no homo"


I was checking Twitter just now and found something re-tweeted into my timeline. It was a reply to a query from New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush that he posted sometime yesterday: If someone...

Rare Vikings fan in New Orleans


Minnesota ABC affiliate KSTP this week featured a rare diehard Minnesota Vikings fan living in New Orleans, and he just happens to be our longtime friend, Steve Paster. He's been in our fantasy...

Saints lose to Cowboys, unbeaten no more


Tony Romo So much for two unbeaten teams meeting the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys spoiled the New Orleans Saints' perfect season, going...

Man gets TV shot after Saints win


A man in New Orleans bet against the Saints before their game against the Washington Redskins. He was sitting pretty until the Redskins choked. What did the man bet? His very large television. And...

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