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Eli Manning: It hurts to take snap from a center wearing a cup


Eli Manning (Photo: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports) Last week I wrote about the curious phenomenon of NFL players not wearing cups despite...

Rosie O'Donnell stood up to 'street preacher' at the Super Bowl


Video has recently surfaced from this year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis of Rosie O'Donnell in a war of words with a 'street preacher.' The gentleman with the megaphone has some choice words for...

Twitter war: Amani Toomer calls Jeremy Shockey a 'bad teammate, worse person'


A Twitter war is breaking out between Jeremy Shockey and former New York Giants teammate Amani Toomer. When rumors were floated that Shockey wanted to return to the Giants, Toomer wrote that...

New York Giants owner Steve Tisch had toenails painted for good luck


For those of you tired of hearing about the Super Bowl, we're sorry - but there are just too many great storylines that make it the gayest ever. The latest comes from gay-friendly New York Giants...

Patriots and Giants are two of NFL's gay-friendly teams


Patriots owner Robert Kraft It's tough to conjur up two NFL teams that are more gay-friendly than the New England Patriots and the New York...

New Jersey Assemblyman Charles Mainor directs anti-gay Tweet at Philadelphia Eagles


There is so much wrong with what New Jersey Assemblyman and Jersey City cop Charles Mainor tweeted while watching the Giants-Packers game Sunday night: "We are not going to just lay down, we come...

NFL divisional playoff picks: One underdog will win


I had a friend in town last weekend, so for the first time ever I did not watch any playoff games live. Hence, there was no recap. Outside of the Broncos-Steelers thriller, though, I didn't miss a...

Former New York Giant David Tyree speaks out against gay marriage, claims it leads to anarchy


Former New York Giant wide receiver David Tyree has come out vocally against gay marriage, recording a video for anti-equality organization NOM (video after the jump). He talks about how children...

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch supports gay marriage


As we reported last week, New York Giants owner Steve Tisch has joined the campaign for marriage equality in New York in a new video released today (video after the jump): As an owner of the New...

Michael Strahan supports marriage equality. Giants owner Steve Tisch will be next.


Former New York Giants superstar Michael Strahan is the latest public figure to lend his voice for New York marriage equality in a video spot. He will soon be joined by Giants chairman and...

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