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Minor League Baseball Player Comes Out

John Dillinger (Photo by: Robbie Quinn) John Dillinger did a double-take as he walked through the lobby of the Seaport Marina Hotel in Long...

Who are Major League Baseball's sexiest players?


Our friend Kathy Lyford at FoxSports.com has brought us a list of the sexiest players in Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees seem to be the most-represented team (including Robinson Cano,...

Baseball at the All-Star break: Time to get serious!


Buster Posey The Major League Baseball All-Stars have been announced so that means if you wear Yankee pinstripes then you are going to the...

Life is good: Baseball is back!


Opening Day 2011 has arrived! In an attempt not to have baseball played in November again, the 2011 season began a few days earlier than in seasons past. So I had no choice but to blow off work,...

No Yankees. No Phillies. No problem.


Just a week or so ago, most people were probably imagining a rematch of last year's Fall Classic participants,  the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies.  Alas, both teams failed to win...

Podcast: Anti-gay chants and bullies


This week on our Outsports podcast we talk about the reaction to anti-gay chants at high school and professional sporting events. Plus, we discuss whether Drew Brees' anti-bullying PSA on Ellen...

Antigay Yankee chanters face ejections


So much for the Y-M-C-Gay chants at Yankees games that got a lot of publicity this week. The New York Yankees have said they will stop the chants and eject any fans performing homophobic chants at...

Yankee fans continue homophobic chant


Towleroad has a disturbing report about a section of fans at Yankee Stadium who have been chanting for a decade about gays having a disease and being sinners. The group claims they will be meeting...

Baseball or boyfriend?


This is a tough weekend to be a baseball fan and a loving boyfriend. Personally, I have a few conflicts... First conflict: My sister is coming to town for the weekend and she is excited about the...

Things are getting wild (Spoiler alert!)


This time of year separates the men from the boys so to speak. Either your team is in it or you are watching from the bench. With less than two weeks to play, there are only four teams left in the...

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