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Homophobia rampant at Stars on Ice?


As the "Johnny Weir family-friendly" story goes viral, it's interesting to look at the ice-show political background.  Just two years ago, as 2008 came in, Johnny was set to skate for Champions...

New revelations in Caster Semenya case


According to the AP, the South African Olympic committee is finally investigating the Caster Semenya case. Questions about the runner's gender, and how SA officials handled a "developing situation"...

Big Price for a Kiss


The young guy who ran onto the court to kiss Rafael Nadal is probably wishing he hadn't. Following his arrest at Arthur Ashe Stadium during the U.S. Open, kisser Noam U. Aorta is being hit with...

Gay Polo League and the Station Fire


Outsports has been hearing regular updates from the Gay Polo League, recently formed in the Los Angeles area and rolling forward to exciting success -- new members, new opportunities to play with...

NFL camp notes that caught my eye


Trying to get a read on how some teams might be this season, I've been interested to see some reports in particular from training camps of teams I have my eye on this season. What has caught my...

Perspective on the World Outgames Bombing


Hurray for Outsports for covering this event so thoroughly.  Some other gay media are pretty much ignoring it.  I posted an article about it at the Bilerico Project, and would like to repost and...

Quick hits: Federer, soccer, Pats, Sprint Cup


Roger Federer won his French Open final rematch Monday, beating Robin Soderling 6-4, 7-6 (5), 7-6 (5). He now stands three wins from the 15th Grand Slam win that at last year's Wimbledon some...

Quick hits: Rangers, LSU, Rodney, Hewitt


Texas Rangers OF Marlon Byrd has said he's taking supplements at the direction of BALCO's Victor Conte. This just in: He's having Michael Vick dog-sit this weekend. LSU wins College World Series...

Quick hits: Cowboys, Spurs, Lance


Three Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman have signed a deal to put out a heavy metal album. Good think the 'Boys got rid of T.O. and all of those distractions!! San Antonio Spurs trade three players...

Quick hits: Soccer, Favre, Blake, hookers


Miracle on the Pitch! The U.S. soccer team needed to beat Egypt by 3 goals and have Brazil beat World Cup champion Italy by at least three goals. They got both and move on to the Confed Cup...

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