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NFL Teams Want to Know if Manti Te'o is Gay

Despite his denial, according to Mike Florio NFL coaches and executives obviously still wonder about the sexual orientation of the Notre Dame linebacker

Coby Fleener gets more good Luck with the Indianapolis Colts...as he requested on Grindr


Coby Fleener Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is reunited with Andrew Luck as the Indianapolis Colts selected the two former teammates with...

Scout: NFL Draft prospect Kelechi Osemele is soft because 'he was raised by women'


Various sources report that an unidentified NFL scout has called Iowa State offensive tackle Kelechi Osemele soft because "he was raised by women." NFL.com reports that Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel...

The NFL Draft on Grindr


Derek Dimke With the NFL Draft this week, we decided to check out the prospects via the best way for a guy to find the relationship he's...

Gallery: NFL pro day workouts


Cameron Kenney, Oklahoma The NFL Draft will be held April 26-28 and in the past month, colleges everywhere held their pro days. These events...

Peyton Manning cut by Colts -- I never thought I'd see this day


Peyton Manning. Photo by Kirby Lee / US PRESSWIRE I became a fan of the Baltimore Colts when I was 6, because my older brother rooted for...

Herm Edwards: Andrew Luck has "potatoes in his trunk"


It's amazing to hear the comments that football analysts make about the guys in the NFL combine. It's like they suddenly have license to examine the bodies of these top-notch athletes, and boy do...

NFL team asking Draftees if they're gay


DT Geno Atkins was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth round of the NFL Draft last month. But before that, Atkins had at least one interesting question posed by an NFL team in a...

Jimmy Clausen soaks in the Draft


Former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was in Palm Springs for the NFL Draft. And according to this picture, he wasn't too upset to not be at Radio City Music Hall. Too bad he's lost the Speedos for...

Live blogging the NFL Draft


Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be live blogging the NFL Draft over at HitFix.com. So head on over and join the conversation. We'll be playing a drinking game or two for those who have...

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