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2014 U.S. Open Cup Details are Released!

Are you bored by the parity in MLS and the lack of David vs Goliath match ups? You're probably a fan of the U.S. Open Cup then and, luckily for you, that tournament is right around the corner.

Is there a player dilution problem? I think not..

While some have argued recently that continued expansion in the professional leagues is a problem for the quality of talent, this largely overlooks where lower division teams find their players.

Pro soccer player Lance Parker talks about gay fans, teammates and marriage


Lance Parker of FC Edmonton is something like Clark Kent, with two "professional identities." One is that of professional soccer player; Formerly with Major League Soccer, Parker now plays in the...

NASL Switches to Mexican Style Schedule; MLS shouldn't follow

The NASL switches to a Mexican-style split schedule, and not everyone is happy -- especially in Edmonton. Waking the Red's western correspondent has more.

MLS 101: The Sins of the NASL, and How We're Still Paying for Them


Want to sound like a pro when you talk about all of the quirks and oddities of MLS? Just memorize this one-size-fits-all answer: "So we don't end up like NASL." (That would be the long-defunct...

Gateway to Nowhere (plus the latest Chaves news)


St. Louis' sorry history with MLS and Diego Chaves is waiting on a phone call from the Chicago Fire

An MLS team in Eugene? Doubtful. NASL however...


A recent report by KVAL suggests that there could be movement to bring MLS to Eugene. However, it's probably more realistic to believe in the NASL.

New York Cosmos: Why MLS may not be the endgame


New York Cosmos: Why MLS may not be the endgame. How Eric Cantona, Pele, and Cobi Jones might be pulling the ultimate bait and switch in pro sports history

The Whitecaps Add Four (But Are They Any Good?)


On Tuesday, the Vancouver Whitecaps signed four players from the four corners of the globe. But are they any good?

Professionals vs. Amateurs: More Equal Than It Sounds


Eighty Six Forever reviews the tightly-contested but little-reported friendly between the USL PDL's Victoria Highlanders and FC Edmonton of the NASL Sunday evening in Victoria.

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