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Shirtless Chris Kluwe on the cover of Out magazine

Out magazine has an amazing, incredibly well-written, thoughtful feature on Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. Kidding! I wrote the piece...But frankly, it only reads well because Out magazine...

Jared Max talks about ease and success of coming out

ESPN radio host Jared Max, who came out of the closet last year, talked at length with Out magazine about his new publicly out life. One of the pieces that struck me was Max's repeating of the same...

Diana Nyad talks about Cuba-to-Florida swim attempt No. 4, her first sexual experience

Insane or determined? Diana Nyad is one or the other...or a little of both. After failing to swim from Cuba to Florida on her first three attempts (two of which came last year), the 63-year-old is...

Kye Allums, Steve Buckley, Jared Max make for sportiest Out100 ever

We can't remember an Out100 list that included so many athletes and people from the sports world. We already reported on Gareth Thomas' inclusion on the list. Today the magazine revealed the names...

Out 100 to feature athletes including Gareth Thomas - Exclusive photo

The Out 100 has had a smattering of athletes in the past, but this year's list will feature the most ever. At the top of the list is Gareth Thomas, the out Welsh rugby player. Aaron Hicklin, the...

Anton Hysen talks with Out magazine about dangers of online dating

Aaron Hicklin has a great piece on out Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen, who came out earlier this year. He talks about how he finds American men super hot, coming out to his mom (who already...

Moment #32: 'Out' magazine editor Brendan Lemon reveals relationship with MLB player

Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Baseball, 2001. When Out magazine published an editor's letter by editor Brendan Lemon in May 2001, it caused a...

Adam Schefter, Steve Wyche, other colleagues tweet support for Michael Irvin

While a good portion of the thousands of comments across the Internet about Michael Irvin's appearance in Out magazine are hateful, most have been positive and supportive. "Michael Irvin" is a...

Michael Irvin on the cover of 'Out,' talks about his gay brother, supports gay marriage

Read the full article in Out magazine here. It was about two years ago that Michael Irvin first talked to me about a secret he’s carried with him for 30 years. “You know, Cyd, my brother was...

Vote for the most eligible gay bachelor

Out magazine has tagged 100 openly gay men for their reader poll to name the most eligible gay bachelor. Some are more well-known than others. They only included two athletes in the list: Rugger...

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