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SonicsGate on ESPN's Outside the Lines


Sonics fans repped by Jason Reid, John Clayton, a random Seahawks fan and ... um ... PJ Carlesimo?

ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' Tackles Jamie Kuntz

ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' spent half the show on Sunday talking about former North Dakota State College of Science football player Jamie Kuntz, who was kicked off his team in September for kissing...

Brendon Ayanbadejo: About 70% of NFL players support same-sex marriage


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo appeared on ESPN's Outside The Lines today talking about his support of same-sex marriage and the letter by a government official that has sparked so...

LeCharles Bentley, Cyd Zeigler get into it as ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' talks gays in sports


Outsports generated some heat on ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' on Friday when former NFL center LeCharles Bentley and I got into it. Bentley said I'm "one of the pariahs within the gay community"...

Video: ESPN profiles Kye Allums


ESPN's 'Outside the Lines' Sunday featured a story on transgender basketball player Kye Allums hours before the start of the Women's Final Four. The piece covered a lot of territory from Kye's...

ESPN's Outside the Lines profiles Kye Allums


This Sunday's 'Outside the Lines' on ESPN will feature a lengthy segment on transgender NCAA basketball player Kye Allums and other trans issues in sports. You can see a short clip of the segment...

Where Is Lorenzo Fertitta's $275 Man?


A look at the Friday Night Fight payouts for the show where Lorenzo Fertitta claimed a fighter was paid $275 to fight.

UFC Vs. ESPN 2: Did Chris Lytle Permanently Harm His Health For Fight Night Bonuses?


In this video blog, SB Nation editors Luke Thomas and Nate Wilcox discuss ESPN's report on UFC fighter pay, who is right, if the report was fair, whether UFC's response was over the top and more....

ESPN's John Barr Responds To UFC's Criticism Of Outside The Lines Piece


ESPN's John Barr talked about the criticism of the Outside the Lines story about low fighter wages in a recent podcast appearance.

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