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The NFL's Newest Baddest Words

Suffice it to say I ain’t never gettin’ that husky-sized "RON MEXICO" frock I wanted. The ever-vigilant Outsports has updated its running, enumerated list of "The 1,159 Words You Can Never...

Rashad Evans speaks out in favor of gay marriage

After signing his name to a brief being sent to the US Supreme Court, Evans explains his views on marriage equality.

The 20 most-read stories on Outsports in 2012 feature out athletes, Olympics... and hot men

Robert Griffin III talked about a former gay teammate Last week we brought you a list of some of the biggest LGBT sports stories of 2012....

New York Times profiles Outsports

New York Times reporter John Branch profiles Outsports in a story that just moved on the Web and will be in the Friday print edition. We met John out in L.A. back in December and spent a delightful...

What do you want to see on Outsports in 2010?

As we wind down another great year at Outsports, we also start a new one. Various conversations and blog comments in the last month have left me wondering what our readers truly want more of in the...

Can North America Teach Europe on Anti-Homophobia?

While North America's soccer scene has made great strides in equality in 2012, Europe seems to consistently lack behind. Is 2013 the year that MLS's progress is strong enough for the other side of the Pond to resist?

Equality, Openness and MLS: A Q&A with Cyd Ziegler

Equality isn't new in the world, but it's something that's only starting to come to the forefront in sport, especially soccer. Waking the Red has a Q&A with Outsports founder Cyd Ziegler to talk more about that.

Connor Barwin Publicly Supports Gay Marriage

Houston Texans' OLB Connor Barwin recently voiced his support for gay marriage.

Johnny Weir's Outsports Interview Part 2

Here is part two of the Johnny Weir Outsports interview. There is a lot of talk about why Weir doesn't like the "are you gay" question, which he compares to asking Michael Jordan if he's black (I...

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