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NCAA rains down punishment on Penn State football, the house that Paterno destroyed


After the Freeh Report showed failures by Penn State to effectively stop a known pedophile, putting their football program ahead of the welfare of children, the NCAA has left that football program...

Former FBI Director Louis Free blasts Penn State and Joe Paterno in Sandusky report


Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has leveled serious allegations with far-reaching implications in his report on the investigation of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation case. Freeh's report claims...

Vote: Who is Outsports' Jerk of the Year?


Last day to vote! Every year we crown our annual 'Jerk of the Year,' honoring those in sports who were, well, jerks. Last year's 'Jerk of the Year' was the Belmont University administration, who...

Jerry Sandusky showered with boys, insists he's not a pedophile


Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky proclaimed his innocence in an interview with Bob Costas of NBC (complete transcript). Sandusky said he regrets showering with boys, but...

Director: Joe Paterno had his hands in the Rene Portland scandal, too


Editor's note: Fawn Yacker is director of the award-winning film 'Training Rules,' about homophobia in Penn State's women's basketball program. She is currently working on a project about...

Joe Paterno fired from Penn State, idiot students riot in response


It is fitting and appropriate that Joe Paterno was fired tonight by Penn State. The winning head football coach at one of the nation's proudest programs simply could not take the field with the...

Same-sex pedophilia scandal rocks Penn State football, involving Jerry Sandusky


Penn State athletic director Tim Curley has been charged with perjury in connection with allegations that former football team defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky (right) sexually abused eight...

Penn State volleyball coach is gay-positive


Penn State women's volleyball coach Russ Rose was recently profiled by ESPN.com. And out of the blue he talked about his welcoming position on gay players. I'm different than a lot of other people....

Brian Sims story still resonating


Our story a couple weeks ago about former openly gay college football captain Brian Sims received a lot of attention, and Sims himself got tons of reaction. He said he received hundreds of emails...

CNN tackles Rene Portland and new doc film


Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 7, 3pm-4pm ET) on Rick Sanchez's hour of CNN Newsrooom, the cable network will promote the fantastic new documentary "Training Rules" and talk about the damage that...

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