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Handicapping the field of NFL MVP candidates


With the NFL season in its final three weeks, talk has heated up about the NFL MVP Award. As they do every year, some in the media have anointed Peyton Manning as the favorite. But several others...

Eli and Peyton Manning are a couple of fairies


I've gotta admit, I don't quite get DirecTV's whole "fairy" campaign. First it was Deion Sanders with pretty wings. Now both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have satchels of pixie dust. And into...

New NFL uniforms offer more revealing look at players' fronts and behinds


J.J. Watt The Postgame blog over at Yahoo is getting a lot of buzz for its look at the new NFL uniforms designed by Nike, that promise the...

Eye on sports: Our favorite photos of the week


15 We present our favorite photos of the past sports week. This week’s offerings include the national collegiate lacrosse champs, the...

Dr. Phil's relationship advice for Peyton Manning-less NFL teams


Several NFL teams that lost the Peyton Manning sweepstakes were left mending broken hearts and hurt feelings. NFL.com asked Dr. Phil to share his relationship insights for those teams. For the...

Peyton Manning cut by Colts -- I never thought I'd see this day


Peyton Manning. Photo by Kirby Lee / US PRESSWIRE I became a fan of the Baltimore Colts when I was 6, because my older brother rooted for...

Real Housewives of South Boston's Super Bowl message; Peyton leaves Brady a voicemail


As a 'Real Housewives' fan who grew up in Massachusetts, I am in love with the Real Housewives of South Boston. And they don't hold back with their Super Bowl message. Not only does the entire...

NFL Week 15: The Patriots slow down Tebowmania


Hot player of the week Tebow and Broncos go down; the Packers lose, the Colts win; New York teams suck;...

NFL Week 12: Bite my tongue, but Tim Tebow is good for the NFL


Hot player of the week Tebow is making the Broncos relevant; Peyton Manning just one of several key...

Peyton Manning refuses to shake Saints' hands


I don't want to pile on to the Colts' loss in the Super Bowl, but when other people have avoided post-loss handshakes it's made headlines so I think this deserves some comment. It seems Colts...

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