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S.I. -- Phillies over Rays in World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies' two-year reign as National League champs ended this week when Sports Illustrated came out with its baseball preview issue. The magazine picked the Phillies to beat the...

Gay nights not just for major league teams

Last week I attended a preview of a local production of "Take Me Out," the story of a major league baseball player who suddenly comes out of the closet. This particular night also promoted local...

The Voice of the Phillies is silent

At right is a picture of me (wearing the Outsports cap) with Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, taken at the Phillies Phestival charity event in 2003. The impression I came away with from that brief...

Nats want park filled -- by Phillies fans

As a public service, here's the cap the Nats are giving away on Opening Day. I thought it was a bit odd when, while logged onto my Facebook page a few...

Dykstra article alleges homophobia and more

Based on his facial features this was pre-steroids. With the recession continuing to ravage the nation, there's been a lot of discussion...

Things that make Joe sorta happy today

The title is self-explanatory, I think. Some news items caught my eye today that aren't exactly as wonderful as, say, a World Series victory, but they put a little jump in my step: No more annoying...

Phillies win World Series!

Philadelphia championship drought update: It's been ZERO years, ZERO days, a little over two hours, since a Philadelphia team has won a championship in one of the four major sports. I don't know...

Series: good for me, bad for Fox

The Phillies are one win away from the second World Series championship in their history, and the first championship for any Philadelphia team in the four major pro sports in 25 years. The...

Series battle extends to gay centers

I got an e-mail from the William Way Community Center, Philadelphia's LGBT center. Inspired by the Phillies-Rays World Series matchup, the Philly center and its Tampa counterpart, the Tampa Metro...

The 2008 World Series (finally)

In 1980, when all of Philadelphia celebrated the Phillies' first World Series championship, the series ended on October 21st. Back then, there were no Wild Cards, so there was no Division Series,...

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