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Podcast: Chris Kluwe joins us to talk about gay marriage and the NFL

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe joined our podcast this week. Despite being on vacation in Hawaii, he put down the cholocate-covered macadamia nuts long enough to chat about his NFL season and...

Podcast: War Room Sports joins us to discuss race, religion & homophobia

Two of the co-founders of War Room Sports, Jimmy Williams and Devin McMillan, joined our latest Outsports Podcast to talk about the intersections of race, religion and sexual orientation. Their...

Podcast: Michael Irvin for gay equality, Sheryl Swoopes engaged to marry a man

Everyone seemed to be talking about Michael Irvin's appearance in 'Out' magazine last week discussing his gay brother and his support for gay marriage. We talk about how the article came about. On...

Podcast: Jason Whitlock talks about racial and gay slurs & homophobia in the black community

We are so thrilled to have Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, one of our favorite sports columnists, join our podcast this week to discuss his column about why he's jealous of gay people. We...

Podcast: Steve Buckley joins us to talk about coming out and supportive athletes

Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley, who came out publicly in January, joins us to talk about the athletes who embraced him after he came out, how long it will be before we have an out...

Podcast: Helen Carroll on Belmont University

Helen Carroll, the director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights Sports Project, joins us to talk about the case of Belmont University firing soccer coach Lisa Howe because she is a lesbian....

Podcast: Sports pet peeves

Before we give thanks later this month, we talk on our latest podcast about what bugs us in sports. We discuss the complaints we get from readers about topics we put on our blog. Also, the...

Podcast: Anti-gay chants and bullies

This week on our Outsports podcast we talk about the reaction to anti-gay chants at high school and professional sporting events. Plus, we discuss whether Drew Brees' anti-bullying PSA on Ellen...

Podcast: Gays on kiss cams

With the refusal by the St. Louis Cardinals to show a gay couple on their kiss cam, a debate has again started about whether gay kisses should be allowed on kiss cams at all. We talk about why...

Podcast: Homophobic comments in sports

It's been a couple weeks filled with athletes and sports figures making homophobic comments. It shows the undercurrent of homophobia that still exists in sports. But just as interesting has been...

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