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Buzzfeed names Brian Sims one of world's 15 hottest politicians


Brian Sims Buzzfeed is notorious for page-view grabbing lists of the "20 best this" or "30 top that," and their latest is a good one -- the...

Redskins lose last home game before election and what it means (or not)


Robert Griffin Jr. (Photo: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE) The Washington Redskins lost at home Sunday to the Carolina Panthers, 21-13. In 18 of...

Gay Dressage rider Edward Gal going up against Ann Romney's horse


We have a great preview of the most-anticipated match-up in the equestrian Olympics event, written by Patricia Nell Warren. Patricia will be blogging for us throughout the Olympics...and she knows...

An Olympic ban of countries with anti-gay laws is a bad idea


While some LGBT activists are calling for the International Olympic Committee to ban countries that discriminate against its citizens based on sexual orientation, don't count me among them. An...

Manny Pacquiao takes swings against same-sex marriage


Boxer Manny Pacquiao, one of the most influential athletes in America, had some harsh words after President Obama announced his personal support for same-sex marriage. The boxing champ, who is also...

The sports world reacts to Barack Obama's marriage support and North Carolina vote


Political news of the last 48 hours, from the vote to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina to President Barack Obama's vocal support of same-sex marriage, has crept into the sports world with...

Frisbees dominate a strange 'Presidential' political ad for Fred Karger


I put 'Presidential' in quotes because Fred Karger has no chance of becoming the proverbial dog catcher, let along President. The openly gay 'Presidential' candidate has released a soft-porn...

Brian Sims on way to being first openly gay Pennsylvania house member


Former college football captain Brian Sims took a huge step towards becoming the first openly gay member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by apparently unseating longtime Rep. Babette...

Brian Sims running for State Representative in Pennsylvania, primary on April 24


Brian Sims, the former college football captain who came out publicly on Outsports in 2009, is running for State Representative in Pennsylvania's District 182. That district encompasses the city's...

Corey Johnson explores run for New York City Council


Corey Johnson (1) celebrates Gay Games gold Corey Johnson, the former high school football player who famously came out of the closet in...

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