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Dodgers breaking down gender stereotypes?


This is for all the men out there. Guys, have you ever wanted to experiment with makeup, but were afraid to go to a store and buy something because you thought you'd look unmanly or that people...

Gaydar is amazingly accurate


This is not sports-specific, but fascinating nonetheless. "In just a fraction of a second, people can accurately judge the sexual orientation of other individuals by glancing at their faces,...

Cheers and tears in Torino


In the women's figure-skating race yesterday, I bet Carolina Kostner to show, and that's what she did.  Her Italian home-town crowd went wild when she delivered a personal-best skate that won...

David Beckham enhanced?


The London Daily Mail has an article about a photo shoot from a new Armani campaign that suggests that certain body parts might be, uh, digitally enhanced: The former England captain stares...

Richard Gasquet, still not gay


A few months ago we reported the angry denials by tennis player Richard Gasquet to rumors that he might be gay. Gasquet is now denying it even when not asked the question. At the Tennis Masters...

Sean Avery is gayer than me


At least in his tastes. From a New York Times Magazine Q&A with Sean Avery of the New York Rangers: Fantasy career: I’d like to be an editor of a fashion magazine. Creatively and artistically, it...

The Gator kiss


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9fcjR-d-7M] I must have been living on the Moon the past few days but I was not aware that Florida safety Tony Joiner kissing quarterback Tim Tebow Saturday...

Should some gays not talk sports?


Last week, as part of their NFL preview, the Philadelphia Daily News published a special section focusing on Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks, past and present. The section was inspired by the...

T.O.'s favorite TV shows


From 10 questions for Terrell Owens on Time.com: "What's your favorite TV show and why? Sascha Falahat, SOUTH BEND, IND. I'm going to mention two shows. The first is America's Next Top Model. I...

Flutie now a redhead


Doug Flutie won a Heisman Trophy. He played for over a dozen years in the NFL and CFL. Now, the player I once dubbed "The Chump" is bringing new meaning to that nickname with a dye job that makes...

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