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A dozen NFL players tell Outsports they would support a gay teammate


Robert Griffin III talked about a former gay teammate Rookies Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Coby Fleener and others join retired...

Pics: Redskins & RGIII Themed Christmas Trees


RGTrees are popping up all over D.C. Here are pictures of some of the best of them.



Show Topics: Why Dwyer Isn't the Long Term Solution? Why 9-7 is Still in the Cards? Don't Believe the Hype about the Running Game? Offensive Game Grades Defensive Game Grades Why I Love Haley's Offense?

The Extra Point Poll: Week One

XFINITY wants to know: Who will throw more red zone TDs in Week One, Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck?

Alfred Morris, RGIII Make The Most Of Their Time; Redskins 30 – Colts 17


RGIII and The Redskins upset Andrew Luck and the Colts in their Pre-Season home opener. But RGIII's performance is overshadowed by Rookie Runningback Alfred Morris.


Pre-Season: RG3 Will Take Less than Half the Snaps

RG3 has met with Kyle a few times but RG3 hasn't started the real grind of learning the Redskins' offense. Following the draft, his signing and his graduate classes' mid-May end of semester, RG3...

Fantasy Football Feature: The Manning Impact


The Fantasy Football Feature is back! In this offseason issue, we look at the Peyton Manning impact, Robert Griffin III, Greg Little, and player hoarding.

My attempt to PhotoShop RGIII into a Redskins uniform.


My attempt to PhotoShop RGIII into a Redskins uniform.

Great Interview with RGIII about NCAA 13, the Combine, and the Draft


Robert talks about being on the cover of NCAA Football 13, the crazy stats it sounds like the team behind Madden plans on giving him, and other cool stuff!


Why Tyrone Swoopes will never be a full time QB starter at Texas

I’m comparing what he is doing to what VY did against 5A (I also looked at RG3 in HS last night though Copperas Cove is 4A) in a MAJOR competion district for houston and I’m not sold he will...

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