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Gymnastics Teams do the Harlem Shake

It seems every sports team is getting in on the latest dance video craze

The game Notre Dame didn't win, and how a referee screwed Stanford out of the title game


Does Stepfan Taylor look down to you? For all of the headlines about an undefeated Notre Dame team headed to the BCS title game, my mind...

Josh Dixon finishes 13th at Olympic trials, not named to U.S. Olympic gymnastics team


Photo Gallery: Meet the U.S. men's gymnastics team After the two-day Olympic trials in San Jose, out gymnast Josh Dixon was not named to the five-man U.S. men's gymnastics team. He was also not...

Stanford hosts LGBT sports event Thursday, celebrates Campus Pride list inclusion


Stanford University will celebrate their inclusion in Campus Pride's list of the 10 most LGBT-friendly college athletic departments with a reception and ceremony this Thursday, June 7. And as added...

Gay Gymnast Sets Sights On Olympics

The United States has never had a publicly out male gymnast participate in the Olympics. Josh Dixon hopes to be the first. The Stanford grad took a big step toward that goal at the U.S. Men’s...

Stanford coach David Shaw's PowerPoint: Andrew Luck for the Heisman Trophy


While most schools are spending wine-and-dine money on flashy Heisman campaigns for their top candidates, Stanford coach David Shaw did what any self-respecting Stanford grad would do for his...

Meet Andrew Luck, former grizzly man


In November, 2009, we highlighted Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck as our weekend hot jock. We said then he was one to watch and that you'd be hearing a lot about him. Certainly his performance on...

Stanford has several out gay athletes, school offers tacit support for them


Ryan Mac of Stanford University's student newspaper, the Stanford Daily, has penned a revealing article about the state of gay athletes in the nation's top athletic department. He spoke with a...

Stanford ends UConn's win streak at 90


The last team the UConn women's basketball team lost to before winning 90 straight games was the Stanford Cardinal. On Thursday night Stanford ended that UConn streak beating the Lady Huskies in...

More 'horrible to come out in sports' chatter


This one comes from the Stanford Daily, I'm afraid. One of their writers, Tom Taylor, has no idea what he's writing about. None. He even gets some basic statistics wrong (he says there are 100...

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