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Bob Eubanks shows us what a referee at a "gay football game" looks like


Longtime TV host Bob Eubanks is best-known for The Newlywed Game. His voice also greets TV viewers every January 1 as one of the hosts of the Rose Bowl parade. Eubanks does some public speaking,...

Logo's 'In The Big House' tests stereotypes, homophobia and machismo


In case you haven't seen it, Logo has a fun summer reality show on right now that I think our readers would also find pretty engaging. "In The Big House" follows two generations of the Verdi family...

'Madonna's Super Bowl' brought out the stereotypes in the gay community


We hear a lot of complaints about the mainstream media stereotyping gay men and lesbians. But in the last week I've seen much of the gay community go out of its way to reinforce the stereotype that...

Video: Is this the 'Best of gay sports?'


OMGay.tv has put together what they call the "Best of Gay Sports" videos. No, it's not the finals of the latest Gay Softball World Series. You won't see any thunderous dunks from the Coady...

Fantastic short film 'Gay Baby' dabbles with sports-minded expecting dads


Gay Baby is a fantastic short film that made the film festival rounds over the summer. It's about a straight couple who finds out their baby is going to be a gay boy, crushing the dad's hopes of...

Lincecum or Halladay: Whose balls to face?


Personally, I would prefer to face Ian Kinsler's balls but he isn't a pitcher so that is for a completely different forum. The American and National League Championship Series is about to begin and...

Is The Rock a stereotypical 'gay biker'?


We now know how CBS' Bleacher Report thinks gay bikers look, as they rip on The Rock's sports fandom. I'm not sure if it's the bald head, the goatee, or the little tanktop, but for some reason this...

Jesse Ferguson, gay stereotype, at Knicks game


Via Pete at WideRights comes this little Tweet exchange between the two guys who play the gay couple on Modern Family. Jesse Ferguson (right) is the real-life gay guy; Eric Stonestreet is actually...

Wrestling's gay stereotypes have to go


Robert Skvarla, Inside Pulse's wrestling columnist, has written a fantastic piece about homophobia in wrestling. His premise: The use of stereotypes in entertainment is cheap and offensive, and...

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