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Steve Buckley, James Nutter and the incredible domino effect of coming out


James Nutter Last week we brought you the story of James Nutter, a former college baseball player in Maine who was driven toward a suicide...

Patriots fans not letting Brandon Spikes off the hook for gay tweet


While most of the country yawned at Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes' "homophobic" joke on Twitter two weeks ago, some in New England aren't satisfied with the non-response from the team and no...

Steve Buckley reporting on Boston sports like he always did, wins Telly Award


What I love most about Steve Buckley is that he does his job. The Boston Herald sports columnist came out of the closet publicly last year. While he's happy to appear at Boston gay softball events,...

Patriots and Giants are two of NFL's gay-friendly teams


Patriots owner Robert Kraft It's tough to conjur up two NFL teams that are more gay-friendly than the New England Patriots and the New York...

Kye Allums, Steve Buckley, Jared Max make for sportiest Out100 ever


We can't remember an Out100 list that included so many athletes and people from the sports world. We already reported on Gareth Thomas' inclusion on the list. Today the magazine revealed the names...

27 sports people have already come out in 2011: athletes, journalists, coaches and execs


Updated: May 19, 2011 When Ross Forman of the Windy City Times asked me to come up with a list of all the people in sports who have come out publicly this year, I had no idea the number would...

Podcast: Steve Buckley joins us to talk about coming out and supportive athletes


Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley, who came out publicly in January, joins us to talk about the athletes who embraced him after he came out, how long it will be before we have an out...

Steve Buckley talks about coming out


If only everyone who came out in sports could come to the same revelations that Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley has concluded. Just a month after announcing he's gay, Buckley is...

Sports columnist Steve Buckley comes out


Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley came out of the closet today in a column for the newspaper. But I’ve put this off long enough. I haven’t been fair to my family, my friends or my...

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