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Chick-fil-A Bowl and Kickoff Games should end. ACC, SEC and ESPN should pull out.


Symbols are powerful forces in our lives. The gold bands on our left ring finger show the world our commitment. The stars and stripes breed images of freedom. The five Olympic rings conjure visions...

Texas A&M Hosts LGBT Sports Conference


Texas A&M hosted an LGBT sports conference last week that featured a strategy session with academics and activists focused on working more closely together to end homophobia in sports. The Sexual...

Women outscore men for championship


While Jim wrote Monday about the dreadful UConn-Butler men's national championship game, the women took center stage last night and put up 52 more points than the men could muster as Texas A&M won...

'Twas The Night Before Aggie Signing Day


'Twas the night before signing day and all through the ‘net, Every Aggie was fretting, each bed mostly wet; No sleep could be had, not even a bit, While Ol’ Army braces for its next de-commit; Y...

The Bonfire of the Inanities


The TAMU migration to the SEC would be a great business case study in B-School. It involves understanding of market differentiation (why is Texas more valuable than TAMU? Why is TAMU more...

Coaches Are PE Majors: The Aggie Edition


This week, we join Mike Sherman and Texas A&M's coaching staff in a classic meltdown of the "Let's stop doing what was working just to see what happens?" variety while Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy...

AM OU To SEC if LHN Issues Not Resolved, According to Sporting News


More sound and fury offseason fodder and this is pretty juicy feed. Check it out: A source told Sporting News Wednesday that both Texas A&M and Oklahoma are so concerned about rival Texas gaining a...

Texas A&M Realizes Longhorn Network Really Is Happening, Pines Again For SEC


The creation of the Longhorn Network hasn't just offered Texas fans an entertainment outlet for Longhorn programming, but a chance to indulge what has proven to our true off-season entertainment:...

Mark Turgeon To Maryland


Mark Turgeon is the new coach at Maryland and Terp fans are in a state of happathy. That's cheerful indifference. I had to look it up. Maryland fan is disappointed that three or four bigger...

Texas vs. AM Will Decide Big 12 Baseball Crown


That series is ten days away, but it should determine the Big 12 champion with each team needing to win 2 out of 3. Although A&M sits atop the Big 12 standings on a percentage basis (15-6 record),...

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