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Tony Dungy promotes "pro-family alternative" to Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show


Former Indianapolis Colts coach and now NBC analyst Tony Dungy is part of a three-minute video for a Christian adoption agency that is billed as a "pro-family" alternative to Madonna's Super Bowl...

Anti-gay Tony Dungy writes about Martin Luther King Jr.'s fight for equal rights


I woke up this morning to some Tweets that left me wondering if the words of Martin Luther King mean anything today. The tweet that started it was from NBC's NFL analyst Tony Dungy, who has helped...

Big Ten to reconsider names of divisions


The Big Ten has taken some heat for the new names of the conference's two divisions: Legends and Leaders. How someone could give the final approval on those names is beyond my understanding. It...

Big Ten names award after anti-gay Tony Dungy


Also check out my column on this issue on the Huffington Post. The Big Ten may have chosen the worst division names in history, but they outsunk themselves by choosing to name the conference's...

Tony Dungy finds new target in Rex Ryan


Former NFL coach Tony Dungy is now aiming his hardcore religious conservatism at New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. The latter's language on HBO's Hard Knocks has been profanity-filled and Dungy doesn't...

Tony Dungy and God endorse Tim Tebow


Tony Dungy, who retired from the NFL last season but just won't go away, has now thrown his endorsement to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow (right), calling the Gator star a "franchise quarterback."...

Quick hits: Dungy/Vick, Howard Mudd


Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd (right) is retiring due to a change in pension plans. Mudd has been a long-time friend of Dave Kopay and Jim got to meet him at the Colts' lone playoff game...

Dungy gets new White House role


President Barack Obama has asked former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy to be part of his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The move has drawn fire from...

Granderson chats about Dungy today


Our good friend LZ Granderson of ESPN wrote a column praising now-retired Tony Dungy for his work with black men. To me, LZ glossed over Dungy's anti-gay record too much in his column; And I took...

Colts Coach Tony Dungy retires


Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy, 53, has announced his retirement from pro football. Dungy led the Colts to a Super Bowl win in 2006 and his teams have had a record six consecutive seasons with...

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