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Athlete-turned-model Rob Wilson breaks The Price Is Right gender barrier


As you may know, The Price Is Right featured its first male model this week. Rob Wilson, "from the city of champions," won a nationwide search for the one-week trial run on the long-running daytime...

French Olympic swimmers model for HOM underwear - photos and video


Thanks to the folks at HOM for bringing us the French Olympic swim team just as we like them. What I love most about the video and photo shoot HOM put together is how much fun these guys are having...

Kris Humphries in revealing Christopher Logan photo shoot for WestEast magazine


While this may look like just another hot beefcake photo, there's quite a bit of significance to it for me. It's a beautiful shot by New York photographer Christopher Logan of NBA player Kris...

MMA figher Adam Von Rothfelder models Baskit underwear


/Baskit/ wear and photographer Thomas Synnamon have teamed up to bring a new ad campaign featuring the beautiful body of former MMA fighter Adam Von Rothfelder (three photos below). A little on Von...

Italian soccer players for Dolce & Gabbana underwear (photos, video)


Wow, how did we miss this one? Dolce & Gabbana had previously tapped Italian ruggers and Italian swimmers to appear in their underwear campaigns. Somehow we failed to notice that in 2010 they...

Gareth Thomas shows off his underwear


Happy Valentine's Day! Gareth Thomas shared a revealing photo (here) with his Facebook fans over the weekend, along with this message... Appropriate underwear for today. So just be warned people...

David Beckham's Super Bowl H&M underwear ad and America's Fear of the bulge


You don't have to wait for the Super Bowl to see soccer hottie David Beckham's underwear commercial for H&M. Whether you see it on TV or YouTube (after the jump), one thing you won't see is...

Who's hotter in Armani underwear: David Beckham, Rafael Nadal or Cristiano Ronaldo?


David Beckham has been the poster child for athletes willing to strip down and show off their gorgeous bodies. Most notably he's done it for Armani underwear. Now come new photos and videos of...

Will you buy Tim Tebow underwear?


Denver Broncos quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow will be appearing this week in Jockey's first ads featuring an athlete since the legendary ones in the 1970s with baseball's Jim...

Winners of our free underwear giveaway


We have our winners! Two lucky Outsports readers have won a pair of Baskit underwear to celebrate the brand's new campaign with rugger Nick Youngquest. The winners were selected randomly and are... ...

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