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Gareth Thomas biopic could begin production in April, Rourke still in starring role


Rourke (left) and Thomas It's been a couple years since Mickey Rourke and Gareth Thomas teamed up to develop a film about the gay Welsh...

Gay Rugy Player

"I hated myself, I hated myself for what I was," Thomas "Bozzy" Boswell says at the beginning of his wonderfully moving 12-minute YouTube video (see below) detailing his experience as a closeted...

Chris Birch, former rugger, claims a stroke turned him gay


Imagine going to bed one night straight and waking up the next morning gay. That's essentially what Welsh former rugby player Chris Birch is claiming happened after he suffered a stroke after doing...

Gareth Thomas retires from rugby


Openly gay pro rugger Gareth Thomas has retired from rugby, he announced today. Thomas said in a statement: I have listened and discussed this decision with many of my family and close friends. My...

Gareth Thomas switching teams


I guess he did that a few months ago, but this time he's switching rugby teams. Gareth Thomas, the most capped player in Wales history and one of sport's most high-profile gay men, is set to...

Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas comes out


Imagine if Michael Phelps or Lance Armstrong came out of the closet. The Welsh version (give or take) of those sports legends has come out of the closet with the announcement from Rugby star Gareth...

Out rugby referee writes autobiography


Nigel Owens, the openly gay rugby referee, is releasing a new autobiography that reportedly reveals his fears of coming out and much of the support he's experienced since doing so. He offered a...

'SummerSlam 2013' to be an overseas stadium event?


Finally, after twenty-one long years, WWE may finally broadcast a major pay-per-view event from outside North America in 2013. They are looking at doing next year's 'SummerSlam' in an overseas...

Reserves LIVE Action Tonight


The flavour of Portugal descends on the deepest part of Essex (where the girls wear white stilletos and dance around their handbags and think that Essex is some sort of sexual position) tonight...

Carling Cup Final: Chelsea v Arsenal


Lets start off by saying I am not going to Cardiff, Wales tomorrow to see the final because I don't see why I have to endure hours on the road with approx 70,000 other people, or pay exorbitant...

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