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Powerlifter Chris Morgan wins best lifter at British championships

Morgan with Gay Games medals Heavily decorated openly gay powerlifter Chris Morgan won the best lifter title at this year's British...

Gay powerlifter wins big at British event

Chris Morgan, who has won gold medals at the Gay Games in Powerlifting, has won the "Best Lifter" award at the British Deadlift Championships. Outsports has featured articles in the past about...

US leads Day 1 medal count

With a gold-silver-bronze sweep in the women's sabre (fencing) earlier today the United States has jumped to an early lead in the overall medal count. China, currently sitting in second, won gold...

Racial whistleblower Mark Henry is tormented again by WWE management

In what has become a weird pattern, racial whistleblower Mark Henry has been the victim of a mean spirited rib by Vince McMahon out of the blue and for no good reason again, this time at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday night. Henry was sent out for a dark match at the end of the show but they never sent his opponent out.

Hungarian Weighlifter dislocates elbow

via i.dailymail.co.uk Pictured: The horrific moment Olympic weightlifter turns his elbow back to front This is the moment Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai's first Olympics ended in...

Petite women that are exceptionally good at the cling and jerk

So I wanted to share with you video of Women's Weightlifting, 48.kg division, which is about 106 pounds to you and me and I found what appeared to be the embed code for the video on NBC's Olympics...

Nitt Picks Hopes The Curve Is Generous

Our friend Sunday Morning Quarterback put out a call for requests for his Obligatory Assessment series a few weeks ago. Your humble blogger casted his lot and today we are rewarded with SMQ's...

Zubaz Pants Are Back

Finally, an article that not only fills me in on the history of Zubaz but also informs me that Zubaz pants are on their way back.

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