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Johnny 'Jayieh' Saelua of American Samoa becomes first trans World Cup soccer player


American Samoa scored its first international victory ever today, beating Tonga, 2-1. It seems it was a day of firsts for the team ranked dead-last in FIFA rankings, as the game featured American...

Are you watching the women's World Cup?


While many complain about the doldrums of summer sports that have set in (especially now that Wimbledon is behind us), we are in the midst of a major worldwide sporting event: the women's World Cup...

FIFA prez: Don't have gay sex at World Cup


A week after many gays ranted over the selection of two homophobic governments - Russia and Qatar - to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022, FIFA President Sepp Blatter said gays should refrain from...

Homophobic Russia, Qatar to host World Cup


While some of the world celebrates the announcement that the nations of Russia and Qatar will host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup2, there are plenty of reasons for gay people to be dubious. Thanks to...

Behind the German gay World Cup story


Gary N. Reese has reported over the years on the issues of sports and sexuality for many publications, including The New York Time and the Village Voice, among others. Fluent in German, he is a...

Video: Cats playing soccer


More shots on goal than the World Cup final and these players would still beat England: Hat tip to Deadspin.

Gays said to be on German World Cup team


Lukas Podolski A weird post-World Cup story out of Germany, where the agent for injured player Michael Ballack (who did not play in South...

Spain beats Netherlands in crappy Cup final


After a generally well-played run-up to the final, Spain and the Netherlands played a listless, dull, uninteresting last match, with the Spanish winning, 1-0, on a goal by Andres Iniesta in the...

Paul the Octopus picks Spain in World Cup


Paul, the octopus from a German aquarium who is 7 for 7 in picking World Cup matches, says Spain will beat the Netherlands in Sunday's final. Just award the trophy to the Spanish now.

Porn stars: Free BJ's if Dutch win World Cup


Bobbi Eden There are 49,000 f0llowers of porn star Bobbi Eden rooting for the Netherlands to beat Spain in the World Cup final. If the Dutch...

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