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Wrestler Shawn Michaels 'apologizes' for 'homo' tweet


Last week, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Shawn Michaels tweeted a biting response to a fan who asked him a question about his hairline. While the tweet has since been removed from Michaels' Twitter...

WWE commentator Michael Cole calls a colleague 'faggot' on Twitter


Just a week after the WWE claimed a new commitment to stop homophobia and bullying in the pro wrestling organization, one of their commentators Tweeted that another WWE commentator is a "faggot." M...

WWE claims it will stop anti-gay messages. They also have a bridge for sale...


The WWE is finally trying to catch up to TNA wrestling. After decades of gay-baiting and homophobic slurs by WWE executives, writers and wrestlers, the nation's most-watched pro wrestling group now...

Columnist says wrestling is gay. Maybe. Or not.


No need to march on AOL headquarters over this one, just bringing it to light and wondering what on earth this guy is talking about. Brandon Stroud, a contributor for AOL's FanHouse, was asked...

Wrestling's gay stereotypes have to go


Robert Skvarla, Inside Pulse's wrestling columnist, has written a fantastic piece about homophobia in wrestling. His premise: The use of stereotypes in entertainment is cheap and offensive, and...

Hulk Hogan: TNA going head-to-head with WWE


Our friends at TNA wrestling have set their sites on surpassing the WWE as the world's biggest wrestling brand, and we're going to get our first showdown on Monday, Jan. 4. Hulk Hogan, who is now...

WWE star Chris Jericho relishes use of gay slur


WWE star Chris Jericho is in some hot water after using some foolish language about Muslims and gays. Of course, he tossed around "fag." Is this a growing trend? What's discouraging is that he...

Forget Chris Cooley. Here's Matt Striker, nude!


So you guys all peeked when the Redskins' Chris Cooley 'accidentally' showed his wang.  Well, I wanted to bring you news of a new athelete's package readily available for all to see.  The WWE's...

Quick hits: Magic, Brady, Indians, French


SI columnist thinks Magic fans have reason to worry about potential favorable treatment of LeBron James from the refs. Ever hear of a guy named Michael Jordan? While relocated WWE event in L.A....

The Lakers Aren't Denver's Only Opponent


In one of those quirky situations, it appears that Denver is supposed to host game 4 of the Western Conference Finals of the NBA on Monday the 25th.  The only problem is, the venue is already sold...

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