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Choking effing dogs, Padres edition

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The San Diego Padres choked in Colorado tonight. That's all there is to it.

Leading 8-6, in the 13th inning of their do-or-die one game playoff with the Colorado Rockies, the Padres had alleged ace reliever Trevor Hoffman on the mound. In the space of a few minutes the Rockies and their fans are going nuts, having won 9-8. As an Angels fan, oh how I know that feeling of so close, yet so far (1982, 1986) but still, Padres fans must be gutted by what they saw.

Two doubles, a "triple" (really, a double turned in to a triple by Padres right fielder hottie Brian Giles leaping and missing), an intentional walk, a sacrifice fly by Jamey Carroll and the Rockies book a date with Joe's Phillies in the playoffs.

The result will obscure a somewhat nightmarish night for the Rockies MVP candidate, Matt Holliday: he misplayed a fly ball in the top of the eighth inning that allowed the Padres' Geoff Blum to score the tying run and struck out with a runner in scoring position in the bottom of the inning. To cap off his evening, he scored the winning run. Whew!

I can't find the information so soon after the game and I've forgotten the details, but it looked like the Rockies got robbed of a homerun in regulation; if they'd lost, we'd have heard about the umpiring for days. Instead, we're all going to be sick to death of hearing about how the "Rockies want to win one for long suffering first baseman Todd Helton, who could have left for more money and a chance to win right away but stayed".