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Andy Reid and his problem children

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Local media outlets are reporting that Garrett Reid, the oldest son of Eagles coach Andy Reid, is now in jail along with his brother Britt. Garrett failed to show up for a court-ordered drug test today and was subsequently arrested.

Both Reid brothers were arrested in separate incidents on the same day back in February. Garrett ran a red light and hit another car, injuring its driver. He admitted being high on heroin and drug tests turned out positive. The same day Britt had a road rage incident in which he pointed a gun at another driver. Various drugs were found in both Reid vehicles. Andy Reid took a leave of absence shortly after but returned to work after five weeks.

Both Reid brothers entered guilty pleas and were awaiting sentencing. Both were out on bail. In August Britt Reid was arrested after he left a sporting goods store appearing intoxicated. When police arrived he drove into a shopping cart in the parking lot in an attempt to get away. He failed a sobriety test and more drugs were found in the car, leading to more charges against him as well as his bail being revoked.

So now both brothers are in jail even before being sentenced on their initial charges. The question is, what is going on with Andy Reid? How is he dealing with his two troubled sons, keeping in mind that they're both adults? Is he dealing with it at all or is he too busy with his Eagles duties, leaving the burden to his wife? And Eagles fans -- looking at things from an admittedly selfish perspective -- wonder if the distraction is part of the reason for some incomprehensible decisions this year. They didn't have an experienced punt returner on the roster for the opening game at Green Bay; two fumbled punts directly led to the Packers' victory. They gave no help in the blocking schemes to an offensive lineman making his first NFL start; Winston Justice was directly responsible, according to Reid, for four of the twelve Giants sacks of Donovan McNabb.

Reid has said in the past that he's no different from any other person dealing with family issues, and there's no reason he can't continue to do his job. Whether or not his sons' problems are affecting his job performance is debatable, but one thing is indisputable: whatever he is doing to straighten out his sons, right now it's not working. -- Joe Guckin