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Who is that cute sideline Bengal?

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img_3604.JPGThe commentators and experts are all atwitter today after the Patriots blasted the Cincinnati Bengals, becoming the first NFL team to beat its first four opponents by 20 since my great grandfather was 19. But the part of the game I watched over and over again were shots of Bengals coach Marvin Lewis' "sideline assistant," who threw the red flag when Lewis made one of the dumbest challenges I can remember in the NFL. It's the quintessential difference between straight guys watching football and gay guys watching football. While straight guys have to wait for the occassional passing shot of a cheerleader for titilation, we got it last night every time the camera panned to Lewis, as his assistant was somewhere over his shoulder. He was dressed in a slimming all-black and had more product in his hair than, well, me. It seems every game there are shots of cute guys like this, up-and-coming staffers who are relegated for now to holding cups of water and tossing red flags.

Anyone have the identity of this cute Bengal? -Cyd Zeigler jr.