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Head-scratcher at the Linc, part two

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I was at the Temple football game with the Outsports poster known as phillyrunner. During the game he made a trip to the men's room and returned in shock: "There are no urinals in there!" Sure enough, there were plenty of stalls with toilets -- perhaps thirty or so -- but not a single urinal. I've never seen such a thing in a bathroom of that size.

Is this possibly because of its location -- close to the sections located near the 50-yard line on the lower level? As if the more well-off should have complete privacy and not have to suffer the possibility of wandering eyes or pee shyness or Larry Craig's wide stance? Or is it possible that it's a flexible bathroom, which can be changed from men's to women's depending on the event, such as a concert instead of a football game? Was this the Eagles' idea? Did the city or state government mandate this (since tax dollars helped finance the stadium)? Once again, my mind is boggled.

Note: Depending on Andy Reid's play selection there could be a "part three" post forthcoming. :shock: -- Joe Guckin