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Gag Kornheiser, please

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I have hated ESPN doing Monday Night Football and realize I should just watch without the sound, but that's not always easy, especially when watching with friends. The biggest problem with the broadcast is Tony Kornheiser. He is terrific on "Pardon The Interruption," but nothing but annoying on MNF. He constantly beats one point to death and never has anything insightful to say about the actual game.

It hit rock bottom during Monday's Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars game, won by the Colts (6-0), 29-7. Except that Kornheiser thought there was a third team playing -- the 7-0 New England Patriots. Over and over and over he brought up the Patriots, as if all 53 Colt players and coaches were obsessed with them rather than the Jaguars. It was ridiculous.

The worst came when Peyton Manning did a quarterback sneak for a 1-yard touchdown. It was the second time in the last three games against the Jags that Manning has run for a score, but Tony did not know that, because that would have meant doing some research. Instead, he wondered whether Manning ran it in because Tom Brady was getting all the attention! Yeah, like Manning went into the huddle of a tight game against a hated division rival and called his own number so people would talk about him and not Brady. I was screaming at the set, futile though it was. Later on, Tony kept badgering fellow analyst Ron Jaworski to choose between Brady and Manning and, to his credit, Jaws would not play along and flipped a coin instead. I wanted to flip Kornheiser off. --Jim Buzinski