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Stick a fork in 'em already

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In an earlier post, I predicted the Boston Red Sox would win their World Series matchup over the Colorado Rockies in five games.

Scratch that. The Sawx are going to sweep the Rockies. Game 1 tonight at Fenway Park was embarrassing as the Red Sox won 13-1; I don't see it getting any better for the first-time World Series participants Rockies. In their last three games --tonight and Games 6 & 7 of the ALCS against Cleveland-- the Red Sox have scored a staggering 36 runs. Now, sure, they're at home in the friendly confines of Fenway, but still, that's impressive; I can't imagine the launching pad that is Coors Field in Denver is going to slow them down. Oh, wait! Their pitchers will have to hit in Denver, that'll do it!

Ah, who am I kidding? The Red Sox, unless they massively screw-up, are going to win their second title in four seasons. Hopefully, that means the *shudder* Red Sox Nation *shudder* will shut up about the agony of being a Red Sox fan and especially about the New York Yankees buying pennants and being the Evil Empire. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss......

Jim B. rips Tony Kornheiser below, but as I posted in the comments, I never listen to announcers if I can possibly avoid it. I'm acquainted enough with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver's work to be glad that I turned the sound off and listened to the Midnight Oil songs I have on my iPod. Buck's voice is like fingernails on the chalkboard for me, all smarmy used-car salesman insincerity and McCarver is every drunk and stoned guy I've run across who just won't shut. the. hell. up. about the amazing insights he has, which turn out to be utter crap to those of us not wasted on Ecstasy.

Oh, Dustin Pedroia is way cute for the Red Sox --he's a California native, of course-- but dude, the chin pubes you're sportin' these days don't make you look tough and older --cleanshaven, he looks like he's about 15-- they make you look like someone that hasn't gotten the memo that chin pubes went out of fashion about four years ago. Leave it to baseball players to be on the cutting edge of style.